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M. A. Mahmood
R. Saeed
A. Bashir
I. Mahmood
W. Akhtar


It is widely recognized that by balancing the present use of N (Nitrogen) and P (Phosphorous), the yields of important crops in Pakistan can be increased from twenty five to forty five percent. University of Agriculture, Faisalabad has developed Fertilizer Prediction Models that can be used to predict the exact quantity of N and P for the desired yield of major crops on the basis of soil test values of the specific field. These models were validated and disseminated under the project titled “Improving Soil Fertility and Soil Health in Pakistan Through Demonstration and Dissemination of Best Management Practices for Farmers” from 2014-18. The particular aspect of the model investigated through the present research was disseminated by Agricultural Service Providers (ASPs) in three villages viz; 81 JB Pansera, 109 JB Jarawala and 411 GB Tandailiawala of Faisalabad district. The basic objective of research was to quantify the economic benefits of fertilizer prediction model disseminated and implemented through ASPs in the selected villages. ASPs applied doses of fertilizers to selected farmers after soil tests in accordance with UAF fertilizer model in case of wheat crop. A primary data was collected through random sampling technique from 60 wheat growers including 10 adopters and 10 non adopters from each village. The data was analyzed by applying descriptive statics in SPSS software. The survey results revealed that overall income gain from balanced use of fertilizer and higher yield of wheat crop was Rs. 4194.6 per acre. Further, the balanced use of fertilizers also helped in improving the fertility status of sampled farms. There was definitely increase in awareness and adoption intention of model among the farmers of selected villages after the project campaign. It is concluded that a continuous effort from public or private sector is required to adopt the UAF model by the farming community and reap maximum benefits from it.

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Mahmood, M. A. ., Saeed, R. ., Bashir, A., Mahmood, I. ., & Akhtar, W. . (2022). ADOPTION AND ECONOMIC EVALUATION OF UAF FERTILIZER PREDICTION MODEL UNDER IMPROVING SOIL FERTILITY PROJECT, ICARDA. Pakistan Journal of Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering and Veterinary Sciences, 38(2), 164–169.

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