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J. Khan
S. Pasand
S. P. Tunio
M. A. Gadehi
M. A. Shahwani


In Pakistan, onion is one of the most grown commercial crops in the various parts of the country. The study was carried out through a primary data collection from various stakeholders to examine the status of onion production in Balochistan province. The average per acre cost of production, productivity, profitability, input output ratio were analyzed. Furthermore, find out the issues and constraints faced by onion growers and recommend policy guidelines for sustainable onion production and marketing in the study area. Costs have been broken down in a variable, fixed and opportunity costs (depreciation and opportunity) costs for production factors that are owned by the onion growers. While the variable cost was high from other costs, among them seed rate cost was high in the variable cost and in the lowest costs was recorded in chemical weedicide from other variable costs and fixed cost was nil due to relief from Balochistan government, whereas total cost of production and net income was Rs.82737 and Rs.75665 per acre respectively found in the study area.  Majority 67% seed dealers were reported that due to high ratio of population, more consumable, good seed quality, more benefit, short duration of time and more production of onion as the principal reason for increase seed suppliers over the past 5 years. Onion farmers must follow best methods in management and strive to adopt scientific guidance from local and other available sources, for example research stations, progressive producers and extension workers.

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Khan, J., Pasand, S., Tunio, S. P., Gadehi, M. A., & Shahwani, M. A. (2021). ONION PRODUCTION AND MARKETING SYSTEM IN BALOCHISTAN PROVINCE. Pakistan Journal of Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering and Veterinary Sciences, 37(2), 118–125. https://doi.org/10.47432/2021.37.2.7.